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Guy Legare was invited by the prestigious International Artist magazine to be the Canadian artist in 
issue #20 (september 2001). He became the first artist from Quebec to get a major feature article in that magazine. 

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"I welcome all comments and suggestions. I wish you a great visit and please don't hesitate to contact me through my email address or by phone". Guy Legare


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International Artist magazine

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Guy Legare International artist magazine featuring canadian artist oil painting Guy Legaré
Guy Legare's work can be found in the Montreal area, in Charlevoix, in the lower st-laurence as well as in Florida. He lives in the municipality of Bic near Rimouski, Quebec. He loves to give workshops. He speaks French as well as English. His numerous talents can be used to help artists as well as non-artists.  He has been featured in numerous magazines, radio and TV shows.

International Artist magazine feature

Guy Legare
191 Sainte-Cecile
Bic, Quebec
G0L 1B0
(418) 736-5113
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